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Hot water bottle


Code 1800

(2.7cm long)


Leather shoulder bag


Code 1810

(bag is 4cm wide, 3.2cm high,

1.2cm deep)

Wee Willie Winkie

Candle holder


Code 1801

(1.6cm diameter)



Wooden trunk


Code 1841

(3.3cm high, 4.1cm wide, 4.2cm deep)


Steamer trunk


Code 1802

(3.1cm high

5.8cm wide

3.1cm deep)



Pair of pink slippers


Code 1842

(2cm long)


Pine tray


Code 1803

(5.1cm x 3.2cm)



Bowl + jug


Code 1843

(jug 3.6cm high

bowl 4.1cm diameter)


Swivel mirror


Code 1806

(4.6cm high)

Small leather suitcase


Code 1807

(4.3cm x 2.8cm

1.5cm deep)


Medium leather suitcase


Code 1808

(4.7cm x 3.5cm

1.6cm deep)


Large leather suitcase


Code 1809

(5.6cm x 3.7cm

1.6cm deep)

Pine wardrobe


Code 1813

(16.2cm high, 8cm wide, 3.7cm deep)

Pine washstand


Code 1835

(8cm high, 9.7cm wide, 4.4cm deep)

Pine double bed


Code 1818

Pine dressing table


Code 1837

(16cm high, 8.6cm wide, 3.9cm deep)

Pine wardrobe


Code 1823

(15.7cm high, 8.3cm wide, 4cm deep)

Pine mirror - floor standing with drawer


Code 1844

(13.7cm high, 6cm wide, 2.6cm deep)

Pine washstand


Code 1826

(9.7cm high, 10cm wide, 4cm deep)

White double bed


Code 1819


Mahogany combination wardrobe


Code 1814

(15cm high, 11.2cm wide, 4.1cm deep)

Mahogany blanket box


Code 1815

(4.3cm high, 10.3cm wide, 4.6cm deep)

Mahogany wash stand


Code 1816

(8.7cm high, 9.6cm wide, 5cm deep)

Bowl is plastic and glued in



Mahogany single 4-poster bed


Code 1832

(17.4cm high, 18.3cm long, 11cm wide)

Washstand set -

with removable china bowl


Code 1822

(8.8cm high, 8.7cm wide, 6cm deep)

Panel door wardrobe


Code 1831

(14cm high, 9cm wide, 3.7cm deep)

Oak blanket cupboard



(16.6cm high, 11.5cm wide, 5.1cm deep)


4-poster bed


Code 1825

(16cm hih, 14cm wide, 17cm long)


Mahogany double bed


Code 1817

Walnut washstand


Code 1836

(8cm high, 9.6cm wide, 4.6cm deep)

Oak dressing table


Code 1827

(6.2cm high, 10.2cm wide, 4cm deep)

Blank chest


Code 1839

(4.6cm high, 9cm wide, 4.5cm deep)


Double bed


Code 1820

Walnut dressing table


Code 1838

(15.9cm high, 8.6cm wide, 3.8cm deep)

Oak dressing table mirror



(6.1cm high, 4.3cm wide)

Bedside cabinet


Code 1824

(7cm high, 4cm wide, 4.3cm deep)


Bedroom chair


Code 1821

(8.8cm high, 8.7cm wide, 6cm deep)

Walnut double bed


Code 1834


Oak dressing table stool



(4cm high, 4.3cm wide, 3.1cm deep)

Bare wood 4-poster double bed


Code 1840

(16cm high, 17cm long, 14cm wide)

Includes bedding as shown in 1825