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I have categorised my miniatures based on what room you would expect to find them in. If I could not decide which room I placed them in miscellaneous. Where practical I have given measurements of my items so that you are not dissappointed with the size when it arrives. All measurements should be within 1mm as my tape measures is not the best!!


Currently the best way to buy is to visit my shop. Alternatively you can email me with a list of the items you wish to buy. Then within 3 days I will email back the cost including post and packaging. If happy you can then telephone me with your credit or debit card details and I will process your order. Payment details will not be kept so if you make a further purchase in the future you will need to follow the same proceedure.


If there is any item that you are looking for that I do not stock then please let me know and I will see if I can stock it in future.