Living room




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Code 1600

(approx 4cm tall)


Blue bowl


Code 1610

(2.9cm diameter)




Sorry this item is out of stock




Cranberry glass bell


Code 1644

(2cm tall,

1.1cm diameter)

Bust of

Queen Victoria


Code 1653

(5.5cm high)






Sorry this item is out of stock


Sewing basket


Code 1611

(5cm x 3.5cm, 1.8cm high)


Fireplace + fire


Code 1624

(10.5cm high, 9.7cm wide,

2.3cm deep)

White + gold jardinere


Code 1645

(7.1cm tall,

2.3cm diameter)


Metal radiator


Code 1654

(4cm wide,

4.3cm high)

Pipe, ashtray + matches


Code 1602

(ashtray 2cm diam)

Pair of candle sticks


Code 1612

(4cm high including candle)


Square grate


Code 1625

(4.4cm wide,

3.1cm high,

2.5cm deep)

Blue + white jardinere


Code 1647

(7.5cm high,

2.3cm diameter)


Pair of binoculars


Code 1655

(1.5cm x 2.1cm )

Companion set


Code 1603

(stand 2.5cm high)


Hearth rug


Code 1615

(6cm x 4cm)




Code 1626

(9.5cm high, 10.5cm wide, 1.8cm deep)


Vase of flowers


Code 1648

(4.5cm high,

4cm diameter)




Code 1656

(4cm long)

Half pint tankard


Code 1605

(1.7cm high, 1.5cm diameter of base)


Tray of glasses + decanter


Code 1617

(tray 3.5cm diam, decanter 3.3cm high)


Bookcase + books


Code 1632

(7.1cm high, 4.3cm wide, 2.1cm deep)

Books are wooden and in twos.


Vase of flowers


Code 1649

(3cm high,

3.5cm diameter)

not in stock


Coal scuttle


Code 1659

(approx 4cm)






Sorry this item is out of stock


Square fender


Code 1619

(6cm long, 1.6cm deep, 1.5cm high)


Upright piano


Code 1633

(11.2cm high,

13cm wide,

5.5cm deep)



Cactus in a pot


Code 1650

(5cm high,

2.8cm diameter)


Pair of vases


Code 1665

(1.7cm high)

Sewing box


Code 1607

(5cm x 2.4cm when shut)


Curved fender


Code 1620

(6.3cm long, 1.7cm deep, 1.2cm high)

Walnut half round table


Code 1635

(8.7cm high,

6.7cm wide,

3cm deep)

Drawer opens

Mother-in-laws tongue in a pot


Code 1651

(6.6cm high,

2cm diameter)


Pair of vases


Code 1666

(1.9cm high)


Goldfish bowl


Code 1609

(2.5cm diam, 1.9cm high)


Plate of buscuits


Code 1621

(plate is paper and 2.6cm diameter)

Walnut half table with mirror


Code 1636

(8.7cm high,

6.7cm wide,

3cm deep)

Drawer opens


Walking stick


Code 1652

(7.9cm long)


Mantle clock


Code 1667

Chaise longe


Code 1627

(16.8cm long, 5.5cm deep, 8cm high)

Cream chair with gold surround



(8.7cm high, 8.5cm wide, 6cm deep)

Cream winged chair


Code 1664

(11.5cm high, 6.3cm wide, 6cm deep)




Code 1628

(6.9cm high, 8.5cm wide, 6cm deep)

out of stock

Cream sofa with gold surround


Code 1660

(8.7cm high, 15.2cm wide, 6.5cm deep)

Leather sofa


Code 1669

(8.4cm high, 19cm wide, 7.5cm deep)




Code 1629

(6.9cm high, 13.5cm wide, 6cm deep)

out of stock


Cream sofa


Code 1662

(7.2cm high, 17cm wide, 7.5cm deep)

Leather armchair


Code 1670

(8.4cm high, 8.8cm wide, 7.5cm deep)



Code 1630

(3.3cm high, 4.5cm wide, 3.5cm deep)

out of stock

Cream armchair


Code 1663

(7cm high, 9.2cm wide, 8.2cm deep)


Leather footstool


Code 1671

(4cm high, 4.3cm square)


Chair + stool


Code 1661




Golden metal log box


Code 1637

(5.3cm wide, 3.1cm deep, 3.5cm high)

Mahogany drop front bureau


Code 1638

(8.1cm wide, 3.8cm deep, 9.3cm high)

Also in Walnut


Code 1639

Mahogany roll top bureau


Code 1640

(8cm wide, 4.2cm deep, 10cm high)


Bare wood bookcase


Code 1641

(9.8cm wide, 2.6cm deep, 18.2cm high)


Bare wood piano


Code 1642

(13cm wide, 5.5cm deep, 11.2cm high)


Victorian gilt mirror


Code 1643

(5.8cm wide, 7.1cm high)